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Reflexology is based on the principle that the foot is a hologram of the body so different parts of the body can be stimulated through massaging areas of the foot. It has been used throughout history as a means of healing.

A Reflexology treatment is extremely relaxing and allows you time to centre yourself and you will leave the treatment feeling calm yet energised.

During the treatment you will lie fully clothed on a couch with just your shoes and socks removed.

I use only chemical free organic creams and wipes to care for your feet. A special massage technique is used all over the feet and ankles which most people experience as soothing, with occasional sore points which indicate a blockage in that area.

I can feel areas that are blocked and I will share my findings with you as the treatment unfolds.

As Reflexology is believed to encourage the body to detox, I recommend that you drink lots of water after your session to aid this process.

There are some medical disorders that make reflexology an unsuitable treatment, for example cancer. Please contact me to discuss if you are unsure if you can have this therapy. It may be useful to experience Progressive Kinesiology instead in these cases as this has no contraindications.

Fees are $150 for an hour treatment. It is recommended to have one session a week for a course of six weeks.


Learn more about Elizabeth Hughes' available treatments here.

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